We are living in a time where commercial cinemas consisting of Superheros | Great action sequences | VFX are mostly loved by a large number of people across the globe. Dramas are not really loved by the masses as people get bore too quickly nowadays. They want speed, visual effects and an addictive script too. Also, Nowadays , most production houses and directors do not completely rely on the acting skills of an actor because they know what a large section of audience want on the big screen, fireworks basically!!

Amidst of the commercial cinema world for the masses, their is a certain section of audience that love Dramas too. Dramas are usually driven by strong characters and one such character is Joker from the DC comics. Below are movies in which character joker has appeared so far :

> Batman (1966)
> Batman (1989)
> Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)
> The Dark Knight (2008)
> Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)
> Suicide Squad (2016)
> The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
> Joker (2019)

We can say that after the Dark Knight Trilogy , one character that was able to catch attention of the global masses is Joker. People went crazy over this character and loved Heath Ledger for performing Joker in the Batman : Dark Knight. Heath Ledger went on to win oscar for performing this crazy character in supporting actor category. People couldn't even imagine any other actor other than Ledger to get into the creepy character of Joker and perform flawlessly. Most loved villain afterall!

Overview :

Joker (2019) , directed by Todd Philips was released in the first week of October all around the globe. This movie is basically a character centralised movie which displays the origin story of this great character called Joker. Arthur Fleck played by none other than Joaquin Phoenix is a man suffering from a laughing and mental condition. Arthur is abused , beaten and bashed by the society at different aspects of his life due to which he looses control and turns into a creepy, dangerous and volcanic character, which we know as Joker.

Character/Acting Skills :

The director has displayed all the transition phases of Arthur, from a poor fellow to the creepiest man you will ever see who starts to love indulging in violent crimes. Phoenix is absolutely amazing and brilliant, you will witness a visual treat watching him play Joker. He is bizzare and scary but at the same time addictive. Phoenix has done complete justice to the role of Joker. From his creepy dance moves to his weird laughs, you will not blink your eyes when he is on screen. His expressions, body language are absolutely flawless. Some scenes will give you goosebumps, you will wonder is Phoenix at par with Heath Ledger Or he is playing this character on whole new level.Robert De Niro has also done a great job in the film.

Conclusion :

This is a must watch drama with a social message and great acting skills portrayed by some brilliant actors. A breathtaking drama which will make question whether the society is wrong or the charater Joker.

Our Ratings : 9.4/10

IMdb : 9/10

Common Sense : 4.5/5

Rotten Tomotoes : 69%

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